Vacation on a Colorado Farm

Get your hands dirty milking cow, feeding a baby lamb or hoeing a row. Learn cheese-making, spinning, gardening and cooking . Visit Vineyards. Take Animal Photos.
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Barn in Delta County

Farm in Delta County

Farm Stays are Gaining Popularity as a Family Vacation

Ever wanted to roll up your sleeves and milk a cow, feed a baby goat or hoe a row of your very own? With the growing popularity of “farm stays,” the chance may well be within your grasp.

Farm stays are an old concept to Europeans, Australians and Kiwis, but here in the U.S., the vacation option is quite new.

So what is it? Well, the experience very much depends on the farm that you choose. With some, the guest stays right in the farmhouse, others have a separate chicken coop- or silo-turned guesthouse, and still others give the visitor free reign to choose a prime camping spot.

Boy feeding a goat on a farm

Boy feeding a goat on a farm

Learn How To Farm, Cook, or Make Cheese

Depending on the farm, guests may help out with chores or simply watch and learn as they’re done by the pros. There may also be offerings of instruction on cheese-making, spinning, gardening, cooking and even animal photography. Visit a farm that features vineyards, and you’ll have the option to relax in the evenings sipping the fruits of the farmhands’ labor.

For meals, most of the farms provide on-site breakfast. How to get remaining meals depends largely on the farm.

But don’t forget that these stays are not a bed and breakfast. Rather, these are fully-functional farms and ranches. You’re rarely required to pitch in with the work, but of course an extra hand is nearly always welcome.

Farm Stays Near RMNP

If you’re staying near Rocky Mountain National Park, check out The Shangri-la Inn at Gaia’s Farm ( and Gardens as well as Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch (

Farm Stays in Colorado's Agricultural Center, Delta County

If you have a hankering for a stay on a vineyard, then head down to Delta County, just a little ways west of Gunnison National Forest. There you’ll find Mesa Winds Farm and Winery ( and Zephyros Family Farm Camp (

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