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Colorado National Parks Magazine

Get the National Park Journal: Colorado edition - the magazine that's all about Colorado's national parks and the journeys to get there. Filled with tips on where to stay, things to do, and where to stop on the way. Our Colorado National Parks magazine helps 875,000 readers plan their vacation.

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The 2019 annual Colorado national parks magazine has 76 pages filled with insider tips and hidden gems. Learn about Colorado's largest park, Rocky Mountain, including which park entrance is closest to the attractions you want to see, a park map, guides to where to camp and where to hike, and a list to check off the top six fun things to do.  Also see a Colorado wildlife guide.

Every journey to these remote national parks starts with you and your family departing from an airport or home town, so we show you our favorite four road trips. Whether you start in Utah, Wyoming or New Mexico, you'll find roadside attractions that you won't want to pass up. Want to learn more about Colorado's other three national parks and two popular national monuments? The first road trip, Best of Colorado, is for those who want to visit all the parks plus gems along the way.