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Ski Biking at Colorado Ski Areas

Ski biking
Photo by Aryeh Copa courtesy Josh Westfall

Ski bikes are being seen on the ski slopes more and more these days, and Lenzsport is leading the way. They offer a new and exciting way to hit the slopes, be it at the resort or backcountry.

These are sport-specific bikes with front and rear skis that are ridden standing up on pegs like a dirt bike. Sporting downhill mountain bike suspension with 6” to 7” travel, and an array of ski types from racing to powder, ski bikes are capable of handling all terrain from groomers, moguls, tress, park, and the steep ‘n’ deep.

Most Colorado resorts allow Type II ski bikes, with hot spots at Durango Mountain, Winter Park, and Steamboat, with lessons and rentals available at a Winter Park and Steamboat Resort.

Story by Josh Westfall

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