Georgetown Loop Railroad and Mine Tours

Georgetown Railroad Train

An old steam engine train on the Georgetown Loop Railroad

Take a historic train ride.

“The train can’t go straight up the mountain because it’s too steep, so the tracks run in a corkscrew pattern,” say the guides as the Georgetown train heads for a sharp turn. Young kids, raised on Thomas the Train stories, always give the guides their full attention. Parents decidedly score some points on this trip.

But kids aren't the only ones that enjoy the ride, so bring the whole group. History buffs love the backstory of the mining towns and seeing the steam engine. Gearheads are interested in the retrofitted “narrow gauge” train cars that make it possible to maneuver around horseshoe curves. Those who have a little age in their muscles enjoy watching the mountain scenery that would otherwise only be accessible after a strenuous hike. 

The Georgetown Loop Railroad traveling over a bridge.

The Georgetown Loop Railroad traveling over a bridge. 

The train ride takes one to three hours round-trip, depending on which tour you selected. It travels over four bridges, including the massive Devil’s Gate High Bridge. Spend your time in the open-top coach car enjoying the nice day and the view of Clear Creek Valley. For a few dollars more, sit at a table in the first-class enclosed parlor cars. Beverage and snacks are available there, and during the chillier months of the year, it is nice to be inside.

Some excursions include a Lebanon silver mine tour at the midpoint of the trip (not for children under 5). Donning hard hats and coats, explore the old mine tunnels on foot. Tour guides are student at the nearby Colorado School of Mines or local experts, giving you a good understanding of what a Colorado miner’s life was like a hundred years ago.

After the mine tour, return to Georgetown on the train. Next time do a Dine and Ride trip or the Beer & Brat Train.

For more information:
(888) 456-6777
Devil's Gate Depot - 646 Loop Dr, Georgetown, CO 80444
Silver Plume - 825 Railroad Ave, Sillver Plume, CO 80476