New Mexico Vacation Stops

Yá’át’ééh to Farmington on the Way to Mesa Verde

In Navajo, yá’át’ééh means “welcome.” Dive deep into Navajo culture with these four stops in Farmington, N.M. Plus Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness area, dotted by spires, sculpted rock and colorful hills, is just 35 miles away. 

Dinetah Rock & Pueblitos

Frances Canyon Pueblitos in New Mexico
Frances Canyon RuinPublic Domain

Explore some of the more than 200 Navajo pueblos built between 1680 and 1775. Simon Canyon Ruin is a one-room structure that was built on top of a 20-foot high boulder in 1754. It can be accessed via the Simon Canyon Recreation area 3.4 miles below the Navajo Dam. A half-mile hike will bring you to the ruin. Learn more at

Kokopelli’s Cave

Originally conceived to be geologist Bruce Black’s office, Kokopelli’s Cave is a spectacularly wonderful bed-and-breakfast venue. Hike along a sandstone path to get to your 1,700-square-foot cave suite equipped with a kitchen, Jacuzzi tub, queen-sized bed and a replica Native American kiva. Sunset views of Shiprock, a sacred Navajo mountain, are gorgeous. Learn more at

Museum of Navajo Art and Culture

Stop by the new Museum of Navajo Art and Culture to learn more about the Navajo people, native to the Four Corners Region, through their intricate artwork such as rugs, blankets, jewelry and folk art. With a significant collection of textiles from the 1900’s through present time, the museum celebrates Navajo artisans past and present. Find the museum at 301 W Main St, Farmington, N.M.

Trading Posts

Trading post in Farmington, New Mexico
Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau

To get a taste of Native American culture and to support local artisans, stop by Hogback Trading Co. or Fifth Generation Trading Co. in Farmington, N.M. Hogback is a 10,000-square-foot Hogan shaped building that specializes in items used in traditional Native American ceremonies. Fifth Generation buys directly from native artisans and is located right in Farmington. Both trading posts offer Native American jewelry, Navajo rugs, baskets and alabaster sculptures. Find Hogback at 3221 Hwy. 64, Waterflow, N.M. Fifth Generation is at 232 W Broadway, Farmington, N.M.

For more information:
Farmington Museum and Visitor Center
3041 East Main St., Farmington, NM