Casper, Wyoming - Big Fish Destination

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Fishing near Casper, Wyoming

Fishing near Casper, Wyoming

Land The Big One In The North Platte River

Big fish and lots of them. Those six words sum up the fishing in and around Casper, Wyoming.

Named "#1 Big Fish Destination in the World" in 2005 by American Angler Magazine, the section of the North Platte River that runs through Casper remains steady on the radars of fly-fishermen around the world.

But world-class fly-fishing is not the only game in town. Two large reservoirs just outside of Casper provide year-round fishing opportunities for record-size walleye, trout, and an occasional gigantic carp.

Whether your passion is angling with a traditional spincasting rod and reel, the timeless beauty and precision of fly fishing, or the inventiveness and bold dedication of winter ice fishing, you’ll want to visit this Wyoming hot spot to experience the sense of accomplishment that can only be attained when you fish Casper.

For more information:
Casper Wyoming Visitor Center
139 West 2nd St. Suite 1B Casper WY 82601
(800) 852-1889


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