Closest Train Service to Rocky Mountain National Park

There is no direct Amtrak service to Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake or Estes Park. However, you can get pretty close to the park and then choose other transportation to finish your trip.

Union Station in Denver, Colo.
Union Station in DenverShutterstock

East Entrance: Amtrak Train to Denver then Bus

The closest a passenger train gets to Estes Park is Union Station in Denver, which is about a two-hour drive to the park. There is an Amtrak Ticket Office in the station. For more information about Union Station, visit

From Union Station you can drive a rental car or take a bus to Estes Park.

Buses from Denver to Estes Park

Option 1:
The Denver/Boulder area operates an excellent public bus system with many routes and frequent stops all over the area. You can easily travel from the Denver’s Union Station to Lyons, Colorado for a $10.50 Regional Day Pass for unlimited rides in one day  (see for maps and schedules for the Regional Y route). This option would require that you take other transportation from Lyons to Estes Park (970-586-5151,

Option 2:
New in 2019, a pilot program for Bustang bus transportation between Denver’s Union Station and the Estes Park Visitor Center runs from Sunday, August 24 through September 29. The cost is $10 per passenger. For more information, visit

Option 3:
From the Denver’s Union Station (or the Denver International Airport or Denver Greyhound Bus Station), you can ride with a private operator to Estes Park (970-586-5151, It’s $95 round-trip ($55 one-way), which is a bit more expensive but faster.

Option 4:
Traveling with a group? Reserve a charter bus and professional driver with the Denver Charter Bus Company. They have vehicles as small as 18-passenger and 25-passenger minibuses and as large as 56-passenger full-size buses. Some transports offer premium amenities such as reclining seats, onboard restrooms, WiFi, power outlets, TVs and more. 212-756-1283,

Taxis and Shuttles from Estes Park to Rocky Mountain National Park

For private taxi service in the Estes Park area, call Estes Park Taxi at (970) 372-9888 or Peak to Peak Taxi at (970) 586-6111.

Ride share cars such as Uber and Lyft do operate in the Estes Park area, but availability and number of drivers are limited.

During the summer vacation season, free park shuttles are available with pickups in Estes Park.

An Amtrak long-distance train travels through the lush forests and wildflower meadows
An Amtrak long-distance train travels through the lush forests and wildflower meadowsAmtrak

West Entrance: Amtrak Train to Granby then Taxi

Served by Amtrak, there are passenger train station stops in Fraser/Winter Park (WIP) and Granby (GRA). Granby is about 20 miles to the park entrance, and Fraser is about 30 miles. There is no ticket office or Quik-Trak kiosk at either station, so you will need to secure your tickets ahead of time. More information at

Taxis from Granby to Rocky Mountain National Park

There is no public transportation between the train station and the park, but you can take a taxi. The Valley Taxi service will pick you up from Granby and transport you to a park campground or trailhead. Reach owner Mike Delucia at, 970-726-4940 or at