Whispers in the Wilderness

Photographer Erik Stensland book pairing his photographs of Rocky Mountain National Park with his reflections on the power of nature.
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Whispers in the Wilderness book by Erik Stensland

Erik Stensland’s Whispers in the Wilderness book explores the longing many of us have for the natural world and suggests that it is the trailhead for a journey to wholeness.

Many of us spend a great deal of our time dreaming about our next trip to the mountains, whether for a weekend getaway or our yearly vacation. We hear within that deep inexplicable pull toward the wilderness and would agree with preservationist John Muir who said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.” We sense that in the wild we are touching the edge of something that is both wonderful and mysterious.

Through short daily reflections on the natural world paired with his gorgeous photographs from Rocky Mountain National Park, author and professional photographer Erik Stensland encourages us to do deeper within ourselves and discover the healing power of nature.

Stensland owns his own gallery in the shadow of Rocky Mountain National Park called Images of Rocky Mountain National Park in downtown Estes Park at 203 Park Lane. With the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park literally on his doorstep, he rises frequently long before dawn to hike back to remote lakes or up high peaks to capture the unparalleled beauty of the park in warm morning light.

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