National Park Photography Workshops

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See our national parks like never before on one of our 2020 National Park Photography Workshops. Taught by Tamron, USA photographers, our workshops will help you capture stunning sunsets, breathtaking sunrises and the magnificent Milky Way with some of America’s most iconic landscapes as a backdrop. Plus, you’ll enjoy great meals, uncrowded park shoots and wonderful group camaraderie. Our in-the-field and classroom instruction is designed for all levels of photographer from beginner to advanced. The best part? You can choose from our virtual, overnight, three-day and four-day offerings.

Amid the spread of COVID-19, please read about our workshop health procedures and cancellation policies updated as conditions change.

In the past, all of our workshops have been van-supported, however given uncertainty due to COVID-19 developments, 2020 in-person workshop attendees may be asked to drive their own vehicles to and from each photo shoot location in the parks to adhere to social distancing protocols. We will be in close contact with attendees in the weeks leading up to each workshop to confirm the transportation arrangements.

4-Day/3-Night National Park Photo Workshops with Lodging

Discover the parks in a new light when we do our in-the-field classes for sunrise, sunset and night skies photography. Your adventure includes hands-on photography workshops led by Tamron expert photographers, complimentary use of Tamron camera lenses, multiple in-the-park shoot locations, three-nights lodging and some meals. 

Want to know what it's like to attend a four-day workshop? Read a personal account.

3-Day/2-Night National Park Photo Workshops with Lodging

Imagine watching the sun rise over the Catalina mountains, the Milky Way arch over 70-foot saguaro cacti and the sunset bathing the desert floor in purple light. This new 2-night/3-day resort-based workshop will immerse you and a small group of participants in the art of landscape and night skies photography in Saguaro National Park.

Overnight Night Skies Photo Workshops

Learn to shoot the night skies including capturing the Milky Way, light-painting techniques, sunsets and the blue hour after sunset. This short adventure includes hands-on photography workshops led by Tamron expert photographers, use of Tamron camera lenses, multiple in-the-park shoot locations, and some meals. For a limited time, special rates for hotels may be available for self-booking. Lodging is not included with these affordable workshops.

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Ken Hubbard, Tamron

Ken Hubbard, Tamron Photographer

Ken is the field services manager for Tamron, and responsible for Tamron’s popular Tailgate Tour and consumer workshop series. His portrait and landscape work has appeared in galleries nationwide and he teaches enthusiasts how to take better photos at workshops across the country.

Andre Costantini, Tamron

Andre Costantini, Tamron Photographer

Andre has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. His photographs focus on mood, gesture and simplicity. Some of his clients include the American Repertory Theatre, Tippet Rise, The Discovery Channel and Epix. He has taught workshops all over the United States on filmmaking and photography.

Erica Robinson, Tamron

Erica Robinson, Tamron Photographer

Erica Robinson has always had a strong passion for both photography and travel, but once merging the two together is where she found her true calling. After studying photography in college, her first adventure was working as a photographer for a cruise line. Trying to pursue a different genre she then worked with talented Boston wedding photographers while learning the technical side working for a local camera store. Photography is an incredible tool that allows us to stop a moment and relive it every time we look at that image. She genuinely enjoys teaching others how to capture that moment in the way it makes them feel, to relive it over and over again.

Armando Flores, Tamron

Armando Flores, Tamron Photographer

Armando Flores studied photojournalism in college and worked at a camera store to support his new expensive photo habit. He has worked for Nikon, Sony and now Tamron, where he has honed his photographic skills for over 30 years. Photography has enabled him to travel to many foreign lands and to attend large media and sporting events. He’s photographed professional sports for over 17 years and has worked for Reuters, AP, AMPAS, HFPA and IGLA as a contributing photographer, but his passion has always been to lend a hand to new aspiring photographers. 



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National Park Trips, an authorized permittee of the National Park Service, and Tamron have teamed up to offer a National Park Photography Workshop series.

Ninety-five percent of past workshop participants said they would recommend our photography workshops to friends and family.

"The workshop and experience were excellent! Staff went above and beyond to make sure everyone was well taken care of and it was so appreciated. Loved the tips along the way and the settings setup for the camera."
- Olympic photo workshop participant, July 2019

“I had an amazing time and learned so much during the photography workshop. The instructors’ sunny dispositions made everything that much brighter. It was definitely an experience I will be happy to recommend to my fellow photographers.”
-Tara B. Glacier 2019

"This was a phenomenal workshop! I've since practiced many of the techniques learned in that class in other dark environments, and have simply loved the results - thank you again. I've been telling my photo-hobbyist friends all about it."
- Rocky Mountain photo workshop participant, May 2016


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