Simple Overview Map of Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park Overview Map

This basic map illustrates how Rocky Mountain National Park is divided into the west side and the east side, joined by Trail Ridge Road which is closed in the winter.

On the west side is the Grand Lake Entrance Station, the popular trailheads for North Inlet and East Inlet, the Holzworth Historic Site, the Colorado River Trailhead which leads to remnants of an old ghost town, Lulu City, and the Timber Creek Campground.

On the east side are three park entrances (two in Estes Park), The Longs Peak Campground popular with hikers of the 14,000 ft peak, and Bear Lake with many trailheads.

Up near the highest point in the park you will find the Alpine Visitor Center with views of the Mummy Range and Never Summer Mountains. This seasonal visitor center also has a restaurant and gift shop.