Alex Teufel

Alex Teufel

Alex Teufel is a writer for National Park Trips Media who studied journalism at University of Colorado Boulder. He is an avid snowboarder and lover of the outdoors.

Photographer too close to elk

3 Places Not to Take Selfies in Rocky Mountain National Park

Waterfalls, mountain ranges, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and meadows, are all just a few of the natural wonders inside Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding regions.

Colorado Teardrop Trailer

Crafting Adventures with Colorado Teardrop Company

A teardrop camper is exactly what it sounds like - a small aerodynamic teardrop-shaped camper towed behind a car.

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

Take Lowa Boots on a Free Test Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

Good footwear is essential. Stop by Lowa Boot’s demo center in the Estes Park area to test a pair of Lowa hiking boots.

Ptarmigan bird in summer

Ptarmigans, the Rare White Enchanting Birds of Rocky Mountain National Park

As you walk through the park, you may notice a rock or two moving in the underbrush. Fear not, it's just a close encounter of the bird kind.